Who Should Buy Our Products

We take pride in delivering fresh Idaho russet potatoes to direct consumers as well as grocery stores, restaurants, and food distributors.

For Consumers

Consumers trust us for delivering tasty, grocery store-style potatoes. We handpick the freshest potatoes to ensure your dishes turn out to be delicious. The secret to our great-tasting potatoes is that we don’t expose them to light. They are kept in the dark to make sure their nutrient count and taste don’t change.

We also triple-wash each potato to set the highest food hygiene and safety standards. The high concentration of ozone in the water and the UV light treatment make sure no surface bacteria survive.

Our 15-pound carton of Idaho russet potatoes is the most popular among consumers. What’s your preferred option?

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For Grocery Stores

Grocery store chains receive our “Nature’s Light” brand potatoes with unmatched freshness and taste. We also offer support to grocery store managers in point-of-sale merchandising material, design, ideas, and cover clothes.

Our potatoes come in a variety of sizes of poly bags and mesh bags. In a standard 50-pound carton, you can get 40-120 Idaho russet potatoes.

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For Food Distributors

We supply our 50-pound cartons in various count sizes, poly bags, mesh bags, and paper bags. We also offer special sizing for specific orders for wholesale distribution across the U.S.

Our potatoes are provided on pallets of 42 and 50 cartons. Depending on weight limitations, standard refrigerated trucks are loaded with 17 or 22 pallets.

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For Restaurants

Our Idaho russet potatoes are exactly what professional chefs love! They can be sliced, diced, mashed, and baked. They also make the perfect French fries and hash browns.

We sell directly to restaurant chains and ship according to regional warehouses or contracted distributors. We understand that specific and consistent sizing is a crucial aspect of restaurant management. You can sign a contract with us to receive potatoes in your desired sizes and enjoy consistent cooking times and perfect food presentation. You can also avoid unnecessary product loss because of under or over-cooking and boost customer satisfaction.

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