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This 2:25 video explains the idea behind ``Portion Control``. It also highlights the costs associated with industry-standard packing vs. our famous ``portion-controlled`` Idaho potatoes.

Walker Potato Farming Operation Video

This 3:55 explainer video takes you on an exciting journey by demonstrating a typical farming year. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from soil preparation, planting, and growing to harvesting and storing of our famous Idaho potatoes.

Portion Control Fresh Cuber Video

This 4:27 explainer video demonstrates the real-time application of our Triple-C Cuber. Find out how you can use it to cut cooked and cooled potatoes in a restaurant or home.

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“I believe in portion control for fresh potatoes. Portion Control Fresh brand potatoes are a game-changer for chefs and restaurant owners around the country. It’s nice to know that there’s someone out there thinking of ways to make my job easier, better, and more profitable.”

Chef Dave - ACF Chef of the Year, 2015

“My potato salad business is labor-intensive. The cuber from Portion Control Fresh has cut our labor time by 75% or more. We can cube 50 lbs. of potatoes in less than five minutes! It’s become one of the most important tools in our kitchen. We buy 3-ounce potatoes from Portion Control Fresh because they cook evenly, allowing us to deliver consistent taste and product quality. No more over or under-cooked potatoes for us! I strongly recommend buying PCF 3-ounce potatoes because they make the perfect cubes. Thank you, PCF, for listening to our needs and developing the perfect cuber and delivering the freshest potatoes every time!”

Milton Hernandez

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